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Then feel free to talk to us, at no cost to you, we want to see you get the best price you can get if your car is written-off by your insurer. If we tow your car your insurance company pays all charges, you may only have to pay your policy excess.



Your insurance will pay for repairs to their vehicle but not yours in this instance. You will have to pay for our towing, but we at Car Towing Canberra offer discount rates to locals.



Your insurance is not going to be used if the other party has full comprehensive insurance, we will help you do a letter of demand and you will claim against the other car for your repairs.


However many insurers have a provision in this type of policy that if the owner of the car that hit you has no insurance, and is prepared to sign a statement to that effect, then you may be able to claim up to $5000 for your car repair or write-off value.

No. Actually your car is lifted by its tire and it rides on its own suspension and our tow trucks will take the heaviness of your car so it puts little pressure on your own car.

Yes, you can cancel a tow unless we have already dispatched the tow truck. Once we have despatched a truck unfortunately the job cannot be cancelled.

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